Fabrication Services


D.B. Doran Copper & Iron Works was established in the late 1800’s primarily doing copper work for the sugar industry.  During the late 1940’s company officials added iron and steel fabrication to their line and became very active in providing steel fabrication for the petro-chemical industry in the Donaldsonville area.

Firebox Shell

In 1984 William S. Nadler, Jr., Inc., acquired the Doran shop, but continues to do business as D.B Doran Copper & Iron Works.

In 1995 we moved the location of our company from Donaldsonville, La. to Belle Rose, La.  This move has enabled us to better meet our customer’s needs with more than 19,000 square feet of indoor fabrication space located on 7.5 acres of land.

Our business provides custom fabrication for petro-chemical, off-shore and sugar industries.  We specialize in all grades of carbon and stainless steel.  Our capacity includes fabrication of:



Fabrication Shop

  • 50’ -0”x 390’-0” with 24 ft under hook clearance (19,500 square feet)
  • Supported by:
  • (6) 10 Ton Cranes
  • (2) Scissor Lifts
  • (3) 120 GAL Air Compressor
  • 4000 LB. Clark Forklift
  • Yard Area: 7 acres

Cogeneration CS Plate

Shop Annex

  • Shop Cutting Operation (3,210 square feet)
  • Supported by a 7.5 Ton Crane
  • 60 ton Iron Worker
  • 20” Abrasives Blade Chop Saw

Automatic Cutting Machine

  • Plasma and Oxy Fuel Torch
  • cuts 8’ x 20’ size plate
  • Maximum thickness – 5” thick plate

Expedited 72 in Ductwork

Mechanical Press Brake

  • Capable of braking 1” thick plate
  • Maximim width – 10’ wide plate

Rolls – 8ft, 6ft, and 4ft

  • Maximum thickness – 1” thick plate
  • Maximum width – 8’ wide plate

Duplex 2205 ASME Vessel

Sub Arc Welding Machines

  • 8’ Sub Arc Boom for tanks
  • 6’ Sub Arc Boom on tracks for plates
  • Welds 3/8” thk. plate on up
  • Can handle welding 14’ dia. vessels

Yard Equipment

  • 15 Ton Galion RT Crane
  • 15 Ton Lorrain RT Crane
  • 5 Ton Terex Forklift (Extended Reach)
  • 3 Ton Sky Trak Forklift (Extended Reach)
  • JLG 60ft Arial Lift (High Reach)

Blasting and Painting

  • Can handle on-site customer specified coatings